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Shubham Agarwal

Currently in Edinburgh, UK

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Technical Skills

This page will not be actively maintained. Please check my Github for latest activity. Everything below is my expertise pre-2021!

  • Languages: Python, C, C++, Java, MySQL, PL-SQL, PHP
  • Softwares & Pkgs: Spark, Python (sklearn, nltk, pandas, numpy, plotly, bs4), R (dplyr, H2O, shiny, caret, ggplot2, reshape2), MATLAB, Neo4j
  • Data Mining Tools: WEKA, Orange
  • Deep Learning: PyTorch, Keras, Tensorflow, Caffe, H2O, DIGITS (NVIDIA)
  • Experience in SparkSQL,MLLib,PySpark and Scala.
  • Good understanding of core AWS services, uses, and basic architecture. (Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3)

    For some time I have been using PyTorch for Deep Learning.



Some of the projects as part of my courses and pursued independently.

  • Classification using Deep Learning
    M.Tech. Thesis, Department of Mathematics, IIT Delhi
  • Independent Deep Learning Projects
    * Daily News for Stock Market Prediction (See Code section)
    * Multi-layer RNN (Keras) for binary addition & character language models
    * Sentiment Analysis using character based and word based language models (both RNNs and CNNs)
    * LeNet model (Keras) for MNIST handwritten digit classification
  • Movie Recommendation System (PySpark)
  • Binary Classification with Logistic Regression (PySpark)
  • Naive Bayes Classifier for Newsgroup Classification
  • Support Vector Machines (SVMs) for Spam Classification