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Shubham Agarwal

Currently in Edinburgh, UK

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Please see my pinned repositories and commit history on Github for my latest activity. This page will not be maintained actively.

Deep Learning

  • I experimented with Deep Learning in Natural Language Processing for Sentiment Analysis. Check out my repo where I experimented with RNNs and CNNs both character based and word based models.
  • Kaggle kernel: Daily News for Stock Market Prediction I have tried LSTMs for this (classification) prediction task. Check this.
  • Some other data processing and models (mainly in Vision) using Keras (and Python) here.

Big Data and Parallel Programming

  • This repo contains the implementation of Logistic Regression and Movie Recommendation System using PySpark.
  • Some basic data processing using Spark in Scala.

Machine Learning

Deep Learning Readings

I am also compiling the list of Deep Learning readings and blogs that I find very helpful.