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Shubham Agarwal

Currently in Edinburgh, UK

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⭐️ [Nov 2020] !NEW! ♨️ ♨️ Our proposal for Workshop on Human Evaluation of NLP Systems has been accepted for EACL'21. More details soon.
[Oct 2020] Serving on Program Committee for NeurIPS'20 workshops Human in the Loop (HLDS) and Wordplay.
[Oct 2020] I am reviewing for ICLR'21, EACL'21, DSTC9'21 (AAAI'21), NeurIPS'20 (WS), ACL'20 demo, COLING'20, INLG'20 (WS), IJCAI'20, HAI'20.
[Oct 2020] Our proposal for ReproGen shared task accepted at INLG'20. More details soon.
[Sept 2020] We are organizing 1st Workshop on Evaluating NLG Evaluation (EvalNLGEval) at INLG'20
[July 2020] I will be presenting our work at Virutal ACL 2020. 1 paper accepted at ACL 2020
[June 2020] I am doing another remote intern at Adobe Research
[Nov 2019] Another proposal for Adobe gift funding ($7k) accepted
[Sept 2019] Proposal for Adobe gift funding ($5k) accepted
[May 2019] I'll be starting my research intern at Adobe Research, San Jose, CA, US.
[Nov 2018] I am attending Amazon AWS Summit'18 in Las Vegas. Team Alana places third at Amazon Alexa Prize Challenge'18. Wohoo
[Nov 2018] I’ll be attending INLG'18 2018 in Tilburg, The Netherlands. 2 papers accepted as poster presentations in INLG 2018.
[Oct 2018] I’ll be attending EMNLP 2018 to present my work at SCAI-EMNLP'18 .
[Sept 2018] I’ll be attending ECCV 2018. Team Pikabot among top-3 teams at Visual Dialog Challenge in SiVL, ECCV 2018 .

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